Technology choices for my new website

Published in 2024

Welcome to my new website! It’s a true cliché that developers often find it difficult to build their own websites - you have full control over every technology choice and no real deadlines. You become your own worst client.

After several failed attempts I’ve now managed to navigate these perils and get a new site online. Here’s a bit of info:

The previous website was powered by Docpad - now it’s built using the fantastic Astro framework.

Some highlights of Astro:

N-1 Philosophy

A philosophy I often use when deciding which framework or technology to use is “N-1”. With N being the very latest and most cutting edge technologies and N-1 being one prior to that. For comparison, I’d put something like Jekyll on around N-6 and (at the time of writing, in mid 2024) HTMX could be N-0.

While it’s tempting to try out something very new and very exciting for a personal project, sometimes it’s best to stict with something fairly new - then it’s more likely to be around for few years and be better supported. There’s also less chance of major updates and the breaking changes that come with them.

So here you go, N-1 - let’s see how this works out over the coming years!